Story of the Fig

In areas ranging from the Middle East to eastern and southern Africa, numerous species of wild figs have grown for thousands of years. Fig seeds have been found in Bronze Age settlements in the Mediterranean and remains of dried figs were discovered in the ruins of Pompeii. Figs were actively cultivated as a staple in the diet of the Spartans, and Romans fed figs to geese they kept to warn them of invaders. When the Romans introduced this custom to the Gauls, it is speculated that foie gras, the delicacy obtained from force fed geese was born. The cultivated fig, Ficus carica, derives its name from the ancient region of Ciara in western Turkey, and is a member of the mulberry family.

Why Mr. Fig?

Turkish dried figs require pollination for the fruit to set. Tiny wasps are needed to achieve this pollination. Although many varieties of figs are grown throughout Turkey, the large, sweet, light colored variety known as ‘Sarılop’ which are grown for drying purposes are intensively cultivated in the Aydın city near the Aegean Sea. Today, Turkey is the world’s leading producer of dried figs, and Mr Fig Brand exclusively offers these high quality figs to its customers.

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